Reprogramming RNA Processing, Designing Therapeutic Solutions

Disease interrupted

RNA processing is the act of fine-tuning RNA after it is transcribed from DNA and is core to determining the function of a gene even before it is translated into a protein. What if we could reprogram RNA processing to address drivers of disease prior to a protein being produced?

Remix Therapeutics is developing novel small molecule therapies designed to reprogram RNA processing and treat disease in entirely new ways. Powered by our proprietary REMaster technology platform, we can now create medicines with the unique ability to alter the way genes are read from the genome, correcting dysregulation or eliminating the gene message altogether. These are innovative therapeutic solutions with the potential to address disease drivers at their origin.

Building a new path forward, together

New challenges require divergent thinking – people inspired by possibilities and driven to do more. Our team includes experts in data science, structural biology, medicinal chemistry and screening technologies, commited to advancing a new modality with the potential for broad-ranging impact across disease.

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