Our Science

Expanding the Universe of Druggable Targets

Remix is advancing a pipeline of novel, small molecule therapeutics to alter RNA processing and provide treatments across several disease areas, including cancers, central nervous system diseases, rare genetic disorders, and beyond.

RNA Processing

a novel approach

Development of new molecular tools, and the availability of next-generation multi-omic disease datasets, have given us greater insight into the conserved, and dysregulated, mechanisms of RNA processing. Remix aims to develop therapies to alter the way genes are expressed to correct, enhance, or eliminate the genetic message. 

RNA Drug Discovery

research to results

Our REMaster platform combines data analytics, novel high through-put screening technologies, and next-generation chemistry to identify and design molecules that can selectively degrade RNA, enhance expression, induce exon skipping, or rescue genetic lesions. Remix aims to address undrugged disease drivers across therapeutic areas to rapidly bring new medicines to patients.