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At Remix™ we come from diverse backgrounds to join together with a shared purpose. We welcome fresh perspectives as we push the boundaries of science to deliver new hope and new medicines to patients. Inspired by our own personal stories and connected by our core values, we work hard and we have fun. Check out our current openings; we’d like to hear your story too!
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Science into Medicines
Aperol Spritzes!!
Splice it
Righteous impatience
My love for science!
The Right Chemistry
We miss you
My loved ones
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Pushing the boundaries
Patient-centric approach
the war
You'll never walk alone
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Be bold!
Make it
to live
Poison into potion
Making a difference
Better outpatient outcomes
Promise of science
Everyone from the top down at Remix is invested in the company's goals and is an expert at what they do.
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In Harmony

Community is at the forefront of Remix™. Together, we work to find local and global organizations who will benefit from our passion and commitment to change and progress. Whether we’re supporting lifelong learners facing homelessness or local farms to address food scarcity — Remix knows that our work in the lab is just as important as our work outside the lab. We’re invested in our community, both as individuals and as a team, and know that our difference today impacts our communities tomorrow, and we’re in it for the long haul.

We’ve worked with great organizations like Science Club for Girls, Black Women in Computational Biology, Life Science Cares, Victory Programs' ReVision Urban Farm, the CdLS Foundation, the Alzheimer’s Association, the Emergency CASPAR Shelter, School on Wheels, STEMatch, and Project OnRamp and supported meaningful causes like STEM learning in underprivileged communities and Ukrainian war refugees.